Top Selling Sporting Goods in 2017

Sports Goods Manufacturers

We are going to hit at the bottom of 2017. The year 2018 is about to start. Therefore it is highly significant for sports entrepreneurs to determine the selling trend of sports goods in 2017.

Here is the list of some top hot selling products bought and sold in 2017. The list is a sample of significant sports products trade in 2017.

Baseball Product

The baseball products include hats, jerseys, bats, gloves also with hitting machines. Companies are Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, and Worth. The gloves have sold in all models, brands, and sizes.

Basketball Stuff

The basketball products that have adequately sold comprise of portable basketball equipment, wall mount systems of basketball, in-ground pole systems of basketball. Other well-known products are different basketballs in sizes, materials, and colors. The leather has mostly used. The consumers of basketball buy accessories consist of nylon, air pumps, footwear with high, low and mid-top for men and women. However, the clothing has also sold such as shorts, pants, shirts, and jerseys.

Bikes and Cycles

All brands colors, styles, and sizes have rich demand. Some popular types are such as hybrid bikes, road racing bikes, comfort bikes, mountain bikes, children’s bikes, BMX bikes, parts of the bicycle, recumbent bikes.

Fitness Products

The fitness buyers are mostly looking for gym and exercise equipment. Electric treadmills, as well as manual treadmills, are famous with the household consumption. They have comprised of dual-action, recumbent exercise bikes, and upright ones.

Football Sports Goods

Buyers and mass merchants have demanded leather footballs. Therefore, companies like Spalding, Wilson, Rawlings, and Franklin produced leather footballs for their clients. Moreover, buyers have also shown interest in purchasing shoulder pads, mouth guards, and football helmets.

Golf Stuff

The golf sets have sold a lot. The online buying transactions have increased among the products of golf products.

Running Shoes and Accessories

The running products of shoes have sold across all brands, colors, styles, and sizes because they are most in demand. The boots include racing shoes, training shoes which have used in performance. The running apparel has sold gloves, tights, jackets, hats, t-shirts and running shorts.

Soccer Products

In Soccer products, buyers usually browse soccer cleats, soccer gear, soccer shoes, socks and shin guards. Moreover, training equipment also with fan gear have trendy among customers.


If sports goods manufacturers want to increase the flow of their revenue, they must determine online buying transactions of sports goods in past five years.

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