Guidelines to Find Suitable Table Tennis Rackets

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Table tennis is one of those sports that fascinate everyone. It is the kind of game which you can play in less space. To play table tennis, it is essential to look for the best sports equipment suppliers.

Before we tell you the tricks to find the best sports goods wholesalers or suppliers, let’s get into some facts about table tennis.

Table tennis is irrespective of age. Whether a person is two years old or 90 years of age, anyone can play.

The country was England, where table tennis was first invented. Table tennis was inspired by lawn tennis. There were different names suggested for this sport. The titles include; Whiff-Whaff, Gossima, ping pong, indoor tennis, etc.

A body governs every game. International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed back in 1926. Initial members of ITTF were from Hungary, Germany, Austria, and England.

The rules were first formulated in 1926 along with Constitution by ITTF.

China is the undisputed king of this game. They are king of table tennis world. According to history, Chinese players have won 116 World titles out of 13 times. This data is based on available records since 1981.

While looking at a table tennis racket, you will find yourself in confusion. There are plethoras of rackets that are available in the market of sports goods wholesalers.

Following are some guidelines that will aid you to find suitable racket for you:

Racket Grip

There are different types of grips to hold the racket. Most of the players use the well-known shake hand grip. Apart from shake hand, there is another grip called pen hold grip.

If you are a holder of a shake hand grip, a racket with a thin handle will suit you.

Style of Play

To purchase which type of racket also depends upon style of play. It is about an aggressive style of play or a defensive one.

Therefore, choose racket according to your style of play.

The Rubber

The rubber of a table tennis racket is of two types. The rubbers of a racket are measured concerning firmness or tackiness.

So, tacky rubber is advisable for if you play defensively.

Wrap up

Sport is all about enjoyment. People will enjoy more when there is a competition between sports equipment suppliers.

With regards to table tennis, abovementioned factors are vital in choosing the best racket.

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