About Us


The company was established in 2005, and we haven’t seen back since then. Our commitment to quality keeps us moving in the right direction. From volleyball, football, protective sports gears to all the related accessories; the journey has been amazing.

We have established our self as the top class manufacturers of sports good, and our mission is to expand our investment in the new plant technological facilities for efficient production.

Our primary focus is innovation, material sourcing, and development of par excellence goods. As an organization, we have been continually involving in expanding our global reach to meet the world’s expectation when it comes to athletic gears.

Our aim is to expand and grow but not at the expense of speed, connectivity, service, and quality. These mentioned traits are the core value system of this company. We are a family of over 300 employees, and each of us believes in a single agenda that is to provide the best to our customers.

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