Sports Equipment Suppliers in China

Since 2005, Atheletegear has been sports equipment suppliers and sports goods manufacturersof different kinds of sporting goods and equipment from China to different parts of the world. As an emerging sports equipment suppliers, we are planning to expand our network in different parts of the world. As a flourishing organization striving hard to find success in this competitive market, our products comprise to a wide range of sports equipment, ready to supply to different customers. At the end of the day, we are easily reachable and ensure that quality product is supplied to the customers so that they come back to purchase from us again.

Sporting Goods Wholesalers in China

Each and every of our sporting goods wholesalers and products come at competitive prices in the market, giving you an efficient and long-lasting reliable goods at a decent value for money.

At Atheletegear, we supply and stock an extensive range of sports based equipment from volleyball to football, basketball, protective gear, insoles, and many more, etc. Within these entire categories, you will be able to find out a vast range of products made carefully by us. Some of our widely purchased products include footballs, basketballs, protective gear, volleyballs, and many more.

Sports Goods Manufacturers in China

Ever since our inception 14 years ago, we have earned a name in the market as a dominant sport goods and also pride ourselves in stocking certified sporting goods wholesalers and products so you can be sure that your sports equipment suppliers is of a decent standard and safe to use. Majority of our sports goods manufacturers and supplies are suitable for training with extra equipment specially manufactured for the sake of competition purposes.

We at Atheletegear have a detailed history of sports goods manufacturers and sports equipment suppliers of different kinds of sports goods and equipment to the clubs, schools, local authorities, and individual people who are seeking for high-quality sports equipment suppliers.

In regards to being a recognized sporting goods wholesalers, we make sure that our equipment is crafted and suited to the people belonging to all age groups and for different uses.

If you are planning to purchase a particular product or interested in getting more information about the product, our representatives are here to guide you in the best possible manner. Apart from all of this, we provide a wide range of buyers’ guides to help you understand which sports product would be suitable for your business. However, you can also reach out to us through telephone, email, or you can chat live with our correspondents online. They will be ready to meet your demands and listen to your concerns and questions and guide you in the best possible manner about purchasing the product or not because for us, ensuring customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Sports Goods Product Categories




Basket Ball Atheletegear


Company Introduction

With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we are known as leading supplier of sports goods and accessories working for last ten years. Our company was founded in 2005. Our headquarters and operations are based in Guang Dong, China. We manufacture products like:-
  • Volleyball
  • Footballs
  • Protective gears
  • Insoles
  • Related Accessories

Our organization is dedicated to in producing sports goods with state of the art technology. We have a qualified team that blends 2D and 3D visualisation in order to come up with a compelling design. In addition, we make sure all our product undergo thorough tests to ensure their quality and durability. ERP and Logistics mechanisms are part and parcel of our system.


We believe in delivering the best sports goods around the globe. We aim to create a user-friendly experience to everyone from a new user to the professional sportsmen. However, we value to improve continuously by focusing on innovation, superior quality, efficient service delivery and best use of technology.


Our vision is to be the leading brand in the sports industry and make better products persistently with the support of research and development.

Brand Logo

Our Brand logo expresses "climbing to the heights of imagination." Our products are designed to deliver inspiration and motivation to athletes and bolster their confidence to achieve brilliance.


We adopt a customer-centric approach to the development of sports goods. A consistent research and development process enables us to compose excellent sports products appeal to traders and consumer preference. Products have made to provide the sense of enjoyment to sportsmen, athletes, and new users.

Target market

As an experienced sports goods manufacturers, we sell our goods to traders (sports equipment suppliers, sporting goods wholesalers, entrepreneurs of sports goods manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers) and consumers through e-commerce and outlet store.


Our first focus is on innovation and technology. Therefore we always strive to improve our products regularly with the creative skill set of our workforce. Moreover, we keep up to date with latest sports trends and consumer preferences hence producing products according to the needs and aspirations of our customers.

For further details and information about our products, please click our product catalog.

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